Senior Hybrid Golf Clubs – Are They More Forgiving?

Hybrid clubs are uniquely designed – they have this exceptional combination of irons and fairway woods – that is why they are considered by golfers around the world as the most forgiving golf clubs. Because of those special characteristics, hybrids are highly recommended for senior golfers use. Why write about something like this you ask? Because we love to golf and our favorite place to golf is in St George Utah, where the sun shines and the wind doesn’t blow, and for those who want to golf a lot they need a few pointers about them. Recently we visited St George and stayed here (link), before going to Coral Canyon’s golf course to try these new hybrid golf clubs out.

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Originally, hybrid clubs were called rescue clubs, because they have effectively transformed the way amateur golfers play by rescuing them from difficult shots.

One reason why hybrid clubs are deemed in the golfing world as more forgiving compared to the long irons is because their club heads are specifically designed with a mixture of hybrid and fairway wood heads. The cavity of the back of a hybrid has been deepened perfectly in order for greater weight to be moved efficiently to the perimeter of the club. This kind of perimeter weighting allows the creation of high MOI or moment of inertia once the ball is hit, which is higher than long irons’ MOI. This is the reason why there is lesser twisting on off-centre strikes and why senior golfers can hit with longer distances. This unique head design is also responsible for more ball back-spinning, which helps in lifting the ball up into the air. This helps the ball to perfectly fly up instead of curving in its flight. Generally, a senior golfer using a hybrid club could avoid hitting hooks and slices like what usually happens when they use other clubs.

Manufacturers of hybrid clubs have also effectively incorporated face bulge when they created the designed. This design is very much similar with that of a curvature designed into the fairway wood face. The face bulge allows for the ‘gear effect’ when striking for toe and heel, which imparts counter clockwise or a clockwise spin for the right handed players. This is the reason why for right handed golf players generally the toe strikes are curving to the left and the heel strikes are generally curving to the right.

Additionally, hybrid clubs are designed to be a bit longer than long irons that they intend to replace. This longer design is responsible for developing better club head speed going through the golf ball. This is essential to impart greater more backspin and distance on the ball, thus creating more height.

Golf club manufacturers have also fitted most hybrids with graphite shafts that have lower kick points. This lower kick point encourages higher dynamic loft during impact, which promotes greater ball flights. The hybrid sole is also designed wider to allow for more skidding across the turf, which is greater compared to the sole of a normal long iron that has the tendency to dig more into the turf. This allows for the hybrid club to be more forgiving compared to long irons.

Hybrid Club Forgiving Situations

A hybrid club is not just going to help a senior golfer to make easy off-centre hits on normal lies; it also provides forgiveness from poor lies. Hybrids are useful from light or heavy rough, fairway bunkers, around the green, divots, off the fairway, off the tree, and from many other kinds of situations. Hybrid clubs are very versatile because they are designed with additional perimeter weighting and better sole design. They are manufactured specifically to have rounded smooth soles to allow for easy sliding through tough tricky lies.

This hybrid flexibility adds to forgiveness making a hybrid club as an important piece of golfing equipment for a lot of senior golfers. If you want to try out the kind of forgiveness that a hybrid can offer, it is essential to compare a long iron with a hybrid club of similar loft. Use face tape for easier comparison in off-centre strikes and you will be able to see the difference in the effects on the ball.

Best Price and Tips for December Trip

Despite missing just a couple of weeks to begin December many people ask me how they can do every day to find cheap flights for travel on Christmas and New Year and unfortunately, the answer is simple: you can’t.

When everyone wants to travel prices rise, since it is known that more demand higher prices, and airlines take the opportunity to make money in December, since then demand falls for travelers flying less, and prices have to be lowered to fill the seats of airplanes.

Manhattan skyline

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Moreover, at present, the supply of airline seats throwing is more limited in order to save money by using smaller and more efficient aircraft, while realizing that the occupation of the seats is as high as possible to maximize economic performance of the operation.

This high occupancy persists even in times of low demand months such as this November, and I was able to check a few days ago when I was traveling on an intercontinental flight probably had an occupancy rate of 90 percent of its seats.

Travel and Holidays

Tourism in December: how to get the best price.

Thus , in periods of low and high demand are few seats , and users expect to last minute to book your flight are often very expensive prices , so do not currently have an account with booking few days or weeks in advance.

Therefore, if you plan to travel in December , either during the first days of the month, in the long weekend from 6 to 8, or during the Christmas holidays and New Year, one thing is certain: you have to book your flight and unless you do not mind paying more money to get to your destination.

If you travel on these dates reviews, your flight will be expensive , but if booked in doubt hoping to get a better price later , just get almost always pay for your airline ticket an even higher price.
Travelling in December? Reserve now!

If you have already booked your flight to fly in the most sought December dates, you’ve made the right decision and, most likely, you’ve managed to save money whose amount depends on the ticket price.

Like procrastinating and have not yet booked your flight? Do you think you can get a better price by delaying the purchase? Forget it! Yes, you could still be time to get an acceptable price, so act now and book your flight immediately.

If you are someone you’re traveling in December, but not in the critical dates that I mentioned to you, and have not yet booked your flight, things you look better and although you must act quickly, you may be able to fly to prices much more affordable.

After the bridge in early December and before Christmas Eve, the prices are cheaper as demand is lower at that time, so now is the time to book and take advantage of these lower prices to travel to your destination.
Other tips for cheaper travel in December

1. If you can, select dates for both the outward and return, you do not travel around the world or choose less defendant’s times: maybe you’ll be a little less comfortable, but you will save money.
You can still be time to get a cheaper price for your flight in December, so act now and book it immediately.

2. If you can travel on dates where the others are still preparing your trip or when they come back from this and are resting your vacation, you can achieve the savings will be more bulky.

3. Book as soon as possible, does not miss the time: so you avoid the unpleasant surprise of seeing your flight will be more expensive and subtraction economic resources could be applied in other activities of your trip.

4. You can also save money if you fly in the days when most are enjoying your holidays and do not like to travel, such as Christmas Day or New Year.

5. Do not forget to travel with lots of luggage expensive your flight, sometimes considerably, so if you visit your family or friends , you may not need more than hand luggage and that allows you to bill the company at no charge, if is the case.

Just do not forget those dates include some gifts to give to your family and friends; you can buy with the money saved by avoiding carrying large luggage and having managed to buy a cheap flight.

Sure to change them will leave you to use your shampoo and other tools for everyday use. If not, do not tell them you threw in your luggage for your gifts that would fit: not fail!

Tips to Have a Better Sleep on a plane

Although sound tempting, the sleeping pills are never the best option, especially if you are not used to taking them. Getting rest a day trip plane is great, but it is also necessary to be able to alert if appropriate. Some medicines can make you too sleepy and prevent it from acting if necessary.
Comfortable clothes

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During a plane ride our body tends to suffer some swelling, so never use tight-fitting clothes. On a long plane ride this will be your worst enemy, as it will be tight and feel will always be uncomfortable, so cannot rest.

There are companies that offer pajamas when the flight takes off! Large and comfortable clothing makes you feel more relaxed and encourage sleep.

The feet also tend to swell, so if you are planning to take your shoes off during the flight, be careful; because you can then you can no longer put on shoes. Opt for comfortable shoes and avoid high heels.

Thick and warm socks also help you relax!
Eye mask and earplugs


Depending on the class and the company that flies, these items may be offered, but if you are traveling in economy, it is best to take them with you! An eye mask will prevent from any light and earplugs will reduce noises.

Choose places with less noise and more comfortable.

If it is really sensitive to noise, choose seats above the wings. So, you will hear less engine noise and get a more restful trip.

If when sleeping like laid your head, try to choose a seat near the window and use a pad, thus not felt the cold walls of the plane and be more comfortable.

Avoid locations near the bathrooms and places of preparing meals, because in these areas there are always more people to spend.
Attention to food

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Before traveling avoid eating heavy foods, it will be easier to get to sleep if your stomach is not actively working. Opt for light meals like sandwiches and let the gastronomic adventures to your destination!
Avoid interruptions

If you do not want to be bothered by the air hostesses should facilitate their life! If you are using blankets or rugs , make sure that the belt is on top of these, so the host can verify that you have the belt put and will not wake up. Always let retracted and make sure your luggage is well packaged. – About

If you still have trouble sleeping, do not try to force. Take a book with you so you can read a few pages. Thus, your brain will relax and be much simpler end up falling asleep.

Tent Tips for Camping and Traveling

We love traveling as much as the next person. Seeing things we’ve never seen before, being places we’ve never been before, and tasting food we’ve never tasted before; yes traveling is exciting and thrilling. But what of traveling to camp? Crazy are we? Recently we utilized one of several hotel group packages where we were able to do some camping. What a joy it was to sleep out in the wild. Yes traveling is wonderful, but camping and traveling is as well. If you’re one that likes to do this then please continue reading as I’ve got some tent tips:

Flooring of a Tent:

One important thing that you must consider in choosing a tent is its flooring. It is important that the floor on where you will directly rest is warm and dry. That should be your basis in finding a good tent. Make sure also that the floor of the tent is not less than 4 feet in length and in width. The floor must also be made of a material that is good in preventing water and coldness get inside the tent.


You don’t have to buy a new one and throw your old one if ever the latter does not have a good floor. That will be too costly. What you can do is just sew an additional layer on the floor of your tent. You may use the same kind of material on the flooring or you may use something thicker. You must make sure that your additional layer is well sewn and that there are no loose threads or excess mat.

Another alternative that you can do is to simply add cardboard on the floor before the sleeping bag. You just have to make sure that the floor below the cardboard is waterproof. The good thing about cardboard is that they are easy to put and to remove. Also you can easily buy cardboard in nearby stores.

Camping and tents for utah group packagesPhoto Credit: N1NJ4

How to patch up holes in the floor of a tent:

If this should happen, that the floor has a tear or a hole in it, you must repair this as soon as possible as the moisture and fog on the ground may seep in your tent. What you must first do is to cut a patch from a tarpaulin or an old tent and simply patch in on the hole by a weather-resistant adhesive. This kind of adhesive can be bought on most hardware stores.

Traveling to Run

Running is considered as one of the best cardiovascular exercises. But have you ever travel to run? That’s what we did and we stayed in Abbey Inn St George, Utah before doing the marathon there. Most people think of traveling as something to do to sit by the side of the pool, but there’s  more to traveling that just sitting, how bout running? It improves the condition of the heart, burns the extra calories and also increases bone density. Furthermore, running is a very simple sport. There’s no need for flamboyant equipment and special skills. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and an accessible venue.

The hardest part in running is developing a starting program and it will take time to build your endurance even for a short span of time. An aspiring runner must develop a positive attitude to enjoy the sport notwithstanding the initial challenges. For a start, consult your physician and seek his approval to start a running program.

Traveling to run, abbey inn st george utahPhoto Credit:Phil Roeder

After getting the green light from your physician and finalizing a running plan, the next thing  to do is find a quality pair of running shoes. In buying for a new pair of running shoes, bring your old pair and a pair of socks so you can have a reference or basis. Sales people in the running stores can guide you on what’s the right pair for you. Test the new shoes by walking or running around the store to get the feel of the shoes.

Comfort is the most important aspect to consider. A short and a T-shirt is a good running attire. Majority of the runners prefer running shorts with a split leg, built-in underwear and a key pocket. In tropical countries, sleeveless singlets and light shorts are preferred by runners because it’s lighter and dries easily.

Before embarking on your first actual run, you have to plan the road-map so to speak. If you plan to do a road run  conduct an ocular inspection to determine the type of roads along the way. Given the choice, running on asphalt or dirt road is better because it gives a softer cushion as compared to concrete roads.

Meanwhile, a runner must also wear reflective clothing when running at night and to run towards traffic to avoid being hit by motor vehicles. In case of rain, either a treadmill or a stationary bike are good alternatives.

Warming up is another important aspect for runners to avoid injuries and to flex the muscles. For first timers, it is advisable to start with a brisk 10-minute walk and then alternate 30 seconds of running with one minute of walking on thrice a week.

Each week, increase your running mileage and reduce your walking. Run a comfortable pace so you can engage in a conversation with your running buddies. Slow down when you experience difficulty in breathing. Concentrate on time and don’t be carried away by the intensity. If you can run consistently non-stop for 30 minutes, it is fine to put on faster pace.

A new runner must also know how to minimize side stitches such as stomach cramps. In case you have eaten a huge meal, wait for two to four hours before running. Side stitches are also caused by weak stomach muscles. To remedy this problem, perform a lot of ab and lower back exercises to help strengthen your torso and reduce the stitches. In case you get a side stitch while running, slow down to a walk and try holding your hands up in the air as you take deep breathe.

Whether you’re a new or a veteran runner, you must remember shin splints are a downside of running. Experts recommend cross training with other sports such as biking or swimming to avoid shin splints. If shin splints are a recurring problem,check out your running shoes to determine it is providing support and do some stretching consistently before and after a run.

Bounce Back Program

After doing some traveling around for the holidays which is nice to get other priorities met such as relaxing and nurturing our social lives. However, after all the merrymaking, we find ourselves struggling to get back to our pre-holiday routine and reclaiming our fitness. Even while I was on a vacation in a Utah national park hotel in southern Utah, I was able to keep up on things a little, even despite all of the traveling. Here are some essential steps in recovering from your holiday rut to your race-ready body:


Running bounce back program from Abbey hotelsPhoto Credit:lululemon athletica

Week 1: Regain your Endurance

Start with a basic 45-minute to 1 hour easy to moderate endurance/cardiovascular program for at least three to four times this week, focusing on the weakest portions of your routine. You’ll need more jump-start training on this part because this portion is most likely to suffer more than the other two when you go into holiday mode.


Week 2: Regain your Strength

After some endurance work in the first week, look into reclaiming muscular strength. This will help you rebuild muscle mass lost during the holidays. Add two 20-30 minute strength sessions from last week on off-cardio days.


Week 3: Regain your Routine

By this week, you may be able to regain a significant portion of your race-ready endurance and strength. Begin to add more speed intervals and hills when you feel ready. Initial “bounce-back soreness” should be minimal, which means you can push your abilities a bit more than the first two weeks. Be careful not to add more than 10% of your initial bouce back training volume to prevent injury and premature burnout.

Cooking Foods for Camping While on a ATV Ride

The Grub in Dent, CumbriaPhoto Credit:Eamon Curry

Our ancestors have cooked their food by placing their foods directly above their campfire. This primitive way of cooking food is great not only because of its simplicity but also because it allows members of the community to gather around and share their ideas and aspirations. A small piece of meat, sausages, vegetables, can be directly placed above the campfire. Or you can have a potato wrapped in an aluminum foil and have it placed above the fire. It is a bit complicated in cooking pigs and other animals since you cannot hold it for a long time and you will have to keep rotating it above the fire.

A few weeks ago we spent some time on an Zion ATV tour, where we were able to see so many things that are simply amazing. We got to camp out under the stars and just enjoy life. It’s this kind of traveling, out in the sticks that adds flavor and spice to your life. So if it’s this kind of traveling you’re after, then stick with me as we talk about the best ways to cook your food while camping.

In cooking your food during camping

You may use either wooden or metal skewers for cooking. However, for wooden skewers, you should soak it first in water before you put meats or vegetables in it. If not, they may get burned quickly. Metal skewers are great in conducting heat. Therefore, you should wear gloves or mitts in handling metal skewers. Cooking with skewers may be done by holding the skewers or by sticking them to the soil at a certain angle.

Cooking Sausages, bread, and marshmallows

Not all foods are appropriate for cooking in campfires. Foods that may take a long time to cook should be avoided. Foods with shorter time to be cooked are much preferred. Sausages and hot dogs are excellent campfire foods because they do not take so much time to be cooked. There is also what is called bread sticks that has a flavoring in it along with herbs. Another popular campfire food, especially with children, are marshmallows; as it starts to be heated, it forms a small layer of caramel outside and the inside starts to become softer.

Pros: You do not need to bring your cooking or grilling set. Also you won’t need to bring a gasoline. As you wait for your foods to be cooked, you can comfortably gather around the fire to talk to each other and to get some heat from the fire.

Cons: To cook by campfire, you will first have to find an open space where you can set-up a campfire. You must constantly rotate your food in order for it to be cooked evenly. Also the risk in having your food getting burned is higher in this method since you cannot always control the fire. If there will be children cooking with you, then you must be observant with them and stop them from playing or getting too close to the fire.

Overbook Hotel – What To Do About It

This could be a very alarming situation indeed especially if you are so sure that you have made your reservations ahead of time. Wouldn’t it be terribly frustrating and devastating that after a long and tiring flight you are going to arrive at the hotel where the front desk people will inform you that they are overbooked and they can’t accommodate you? Luckily on our last excursion for southern Utah tours, where we were able to see three national parks in one week; began with an overbooked hotel, but they were able to remedy the situation quickly.

That’s not the end of it. You, of course will be too stunned to digest the first words, but once the reality of it all sunk in, you can expect your adrenaline rushing no matter how tired you are. It would feel like this is the perfect time to pick a fight. But then again, you have to maintain your cool because you want a room with a bed where you can rest. Therefore you will talk nicely and ask the hotel people to explain everything to you. The lame excuses will start to pour in by that time. But you know for a fact that they know that you have made reservations. If you are not very argumentative you might simply opt to transfer to another hotel. But then again you have rights as a client with reservations. Therefore you should stay and argue your case.
Zion Valley
Photo Credit: Dereck Bradley
Here are the best things you can do:

  • Ask for the manager. If they start ignoring your request, you can start raising your voice a little, but do not be too loud; you want to appear in control.
  • Once they get the manager for you, ask the front desk clerk to tell the manager the issue. It is their fault therefore it’s their duty to deal with the problem.
  • If the manager gives you the same excuses, then the best thing you can do is to ask for the available options. They may have some tricks up on their sleeves so you might as well know them.
  • One of the most common options they can give you is to transfer you to another room; of course it will be one with higher rate than the one you originally reserved. That is how tricky hey can be.
  • Do not, for whatever reason fall that one. Tell them that you are willing to transfer to another room if you will not be charged with the extra rate. It will be a big miracle if they agree on that.
  • Another possible option is to transfer you to another hotel. If this is not much of an inconvenience, this could be your best option. But, do not agree immediately, ask them if they are putting you at a hotel of the same status and at a room of the same or higher category; if you will be on higher category room, you have to ensure that the first hotel is going to pay for the extra charges. Never agree on anything other than that.
  • A vehicle must also be available for you to transport you and your belongings to the other hotel. If you have to wait for a room at the other hotel, the first hotel must pay for your lunch or dinner while you are waiting.

In case, the above scenario do not happen and the hotel people insist that they cannot help you, tell them that you are going to report the situation as breach of contract and that you are going to file a complaint at the right authorities.

You have to make them realize that they cannot ignore you and that you have a binding agreement with them and that you have certain rights. The good reminder a few days before you start making your trip is to call the hotel again and reconfirm your reservation. If you have an email confirming your reservation, print that. During the call, list down the name of the person you talked to as well as the time and the date of the call. That way, you have all the necessary proofs that you have certainly made your room reservation.