Tent Tips for Camping and Traveling

We love traveling as much as the next person. Seeing things we’ve never seen before, being places we’ve never been before, and tasting food we’ve never tasted before; yes traveling is exciting and thrilling. But what of traveling to camp? Crazy are we? Recently we utilized one of several hotel group packages where we were able to do some camping. What a joy it was to sleep out in the wild. Yes traveling is wonderful, but camping and traveling is as well. If you’re one that likes to do this then please continue reading as I’ve got some tent tips:

Flooring of a Tent:

One important thing that you must consider in choosing a tent is its flooring. It is important that the floor on where you will directly rest is warm and dry. That should be your basis in finding a good tent. Make sure also that the floor of the tent is not less than 4 feet in length and in width. The floor must also be made of a material that is good in preventing water and coldness get inside the tent.


You don’t have to buy a new one and throw your old one if ever the latter does not have a good floor. That will be too costly. What you can do is just sew an additional layer on the floor of your tent. You may use the same kind of material on the flooring or you may use something thicker. You must make sure that your additional layer is well sewn and that there are no loose threads or excess mat.

Another alternative that you can do is to simply add cardboard on the floor before the sleeping bag. You just have to make sure that the floor below the cardboard is waterproof. The good thing about cardboard is that they are easy to put and to remove. Also you can easily buy cardboard in nearby stores.

Camping and tents for utah group packagesPhoto Credit: N1NJ4

How to patch up holes in the floor of a tent:

If this should happen, that the floor has a tear or a hole in it, you must repair this as soon as possible as the moisture and fog on the ground may seep in your tent. What you must first do is to cut a patch from a tarpaulin or an old tent and simply patch in on the hole by a weather-resistant adhesive. This kind of adhesive can be bought on most hardware stores.