Senior Hybrid Golf Clubs – Are They More Forgiving?

Hybrid clubs are uniquely designed – they have this exceptional combination of irons and fairway woods – that is why they are considered by golfers around the world as the most forgiving golf clubs. Because of those special characteristics, hybrids are highly recommended for senior golfers use. Why write about something like this you ask? Because we love to golf and our favorite place to golf is in St George Utah, where the sun shines and the wind doesn’t blow, and for those who want to golf a lot they need a few pointers about them. Recently we visited St George and stayed here (link), before going to Coral Canyon’s golf course to try these new hybrid golf clubs out.

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Originally, hybrid clubs were called rescue clubs, because they have effectively transformed the way amateur golfers play by rescuing them from difficult shots.

One reason why hybrid clubs are deemed in the golfing world as more forgiving compared to the long irons is because their club heads are specifically designed with a mixture of hybrid and fairway wood heads. The cavity of the back of a hybrid has been deepened perfectly in order for greater weight to be moved efficiently to the perimeter of the club. This kind of perimeter weighting allows the creation of high MOI or moment of inertia once the ball is hit, which is higher than long irons’ MOI. This is the reason why there is lesser twisting on off-centre strikes and why senior golfers can hit with longer distances. This unique head design is also responsible for more ball back-spinning, which helps in lifting the ball up into the air. This helps the ball to perfectly fly up instead of curving in its flight. Generally, a senior golfer using a hybrid club could avoid hitting hooks and slices like what usually happens when they use other clubs.

Manufacturers of hybrid clubs have also effectively incorporated face bulge when they created the designed. This design is very much similar with that of a curvature designed into the fairway wood face. The face bulge allows for the ‘gear effect’ when striking for toe and heel, which imparts counter clockwise or a clockwise spin for the right handed players. This is the reason why for right handed golf players generally the toe strikes are curving to the left and the heel strikes are generally curving to the right.

Additionally, hybrid clubs are designed to be a bit longer than long irons that they intend to replace. This longer design is responsible for developing better club head speed going through the golf ball. This is essential to impart greater more backspin and distance on the ball, thus creating more height.

Golf club manufacturers have also fitted most hybrids with graphite shafts that have lower kick points. This lower kick point encourages higher dynamic loft during impact, which promotes greater ball flights. The hybrid sole is also designed wider to allow for more skidding across the turf, which is greater compared to the sole of a normal long iron that has the tendency to dig more into the turf. This allows for the hybrid club to be more forgiving compared to long irons.

Hybrid Club Forgiving Situations

A hybrid club is not just going to help a senior golfer to make easy off-centre hits on normal lies; it also provides forgiveness from poor lies. Hybrids are useful from light or heavy rough, fairway bunkers, around the green, divots, off the fairway, off the tree, and from many other kinds of situations. Hybrid clubs are very versatile because they are designed with additional perimeter weighting and better sole design. They are manufactured specifically to have rounded smooth soles to allow for easy sliding through tough tricky lies.

This hybrid flexibility adds to forgiveness making a hybrid club as an important piece of golfing equipment for a lot of senior golfers. If you want to try out the kind of forgiveness that a hybrid can offer, it is essential to compare a long iron with a hybrid club of similar loft. Use face tape for easier comparison in off-centre strikes and you will be able to see the difference in the effects on the ball.