Preventing Common Travel Crimes

The next time you on vacation to any island, whether it’s Aruba or Hawaii or anywhere else, you might be tempted to let your guard down, have a good time, maybe even drink a little too much. Okay I understand that but when it comes to your own personal travel safety or more importantly travel crimes; if you don’t practice some basic common sense you could easily become a travel victim.

First let’s start with your essentials; your wallet, passport and credit cards. Always carry with you photocopies of all your credit cards and the photo page of your passport. When you’re at your hotel don’t use the safe in your room. Why? Two reasons; many hotels charge you to use one and to add insult to injury; hotels are not liable for anything lost in those safes.

Instead; park your valuables downstairs at the hotel safety deposit boxes. When leaving the hotel just take one credit card and photocopies of your ID, why? Who’s going to watch your stuff when you decide to go for a swim? You know what can happen next, it disappears.

In the end it’s about achieving a delicate between having a great time and playing old common sense. If you that you’re not only protecting yourself, you get to your home and brag all your friends about what a really great time you had and you get to come back.