Prevent Lost Bags with Luggage Shipping

Okay, surprise, surprise, your bags actually made it to the hotel with you but as you know that’s not always the case. In fact the number of lost bag complaints are up to 30% over last year and there’s a good reason; there’s just two types of airline bags; carry-on and lost. But thankfully there’s a solution; in fact about 17 solutions; it’s called Luggage Carrier Service. Companies that will take your baggage and deliver it door to door. On domestic itineraries you can save considerable time and stress every time you travel by simply not checking bags.The services range from UPS to Federal Express and 15 other companies including one called Luggage Concierge. The process is simple; your drop your bag into a pouch … with FedEx there’s no pouch you just attach a wrapper, it’s a labeled and off it goes, you then bypass the inevitable lines at the airport and go right to the gate.

And here comes the good part; when you land you’re not waiting at airport baggage lines hoping it gets towed that your luggage is in the same flight that you were, you’re already off and running and your bags are waiting for you. Now what does it costs? It all gets down at the bottom line. Some services charge as low as $40 to ship your bags, now if that sounds expensive do the math. Do you know how much time we spend just getting your bags from one place to another if you check them? About 2 ½ hours, divide that into 40 bucks and you can’t wait to spend that money. Think about how much stress you’re not going to have.