What to prepare in Playing Golf?

Tiger Woods is not admired by many in vain. Walking 18 holes to sun or rain can be exhausting. Also, having a powerful swing to achieve “Hole in One ” is not as easy as it looks on TV. Although it seems a quiet, low-intensity sports, golf is also picky about your body and can easily hurt. Before going to the tee, get ready!

Prepare your body

Many believe that to play golf only need to buy the sticks and have a good “swing”. But the issue is not that simple, because you also need to have a good physical condition, strength and flexibility to hit hard and go the entire field. If you are not well prepared physically, you can get tired fast or even hurt a bad move given .

Consider the following before playing:

Heat. As with any sport, you need to warm up your muscles before you begin. Each time you make a swing to give a blow to the ball, you’re moving the muscles in your hands, wrists, arms, back, shoulders, waist, abdomen and legs …almost your whole body! Start with some cardiovascular exercise (walking or jogging) and then do stretches to keep your muscles hurt and so you have more flexibility in your swing.

Exercises. Exercise regularly to keep your body in good condition and endurance to go 18 holes without getting worn out. Aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, skating or biking, are ideal.

Strengthen your muscles. Have you seen the arms of golfers? The stronger your muscles are stronger and faster will be a hit. Also, less likely you are to hurt. Do strengthening exercises continuously, even in seasons that do not play, so you keep your muscles strong and prepared all year.


Practice your swing

Nobody is born with a perfect “swing” has to do with training. Also, when you’re a newbie in golf and you intend to achieve a style Tiger Woods swing at the first try, you can also hurt your muscles. Best follow these tips:

Learn. If this is the first time you play golf, do not get banging without knowing how. A bad swing as can hurt your back, shoulders, arms, wrist or knee. Enroll in a class to teach you the movements of swing and how to achieve them safely.

Use your whole body. Have you heard of “golfer’s elbow “? It is a typical problem that arises when internal muscles are injured your arm to emphasize the hands and wrists to strike. When practicing your swing, remember to use your whole body to strike, and not only concentrate the force in the arms or wrists.

Hold the pose. Your posture is important to give a good blow and not hurt. Stand in front of the tee (the little support for the balls that are driven into the ground) with feet apart and balancing your weight on both. Try to stay upright and relaxed to avoid hurting your neck and your back when you make the swing.

Do not overdo it. Do not push your swing thinking that the faster or stronger have hit the ball better. Instead, you can err easier hit or hurt any muscles. It is better to give controlled but accurate shots.

Some important precautions in playing golf

No shoes no play. Golf shoes are key to withstand several hours touring the countryside standing. They also have a kind of studs that dig into the grass, giving firmness to your movements.

Comfortable clothing. Use pants and keep you cool, especially when it is a hot day. Also looking comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.

Beware of the sun. The sun can be your ally, but also your enemy. A sunny day can burn your skin, dehydrated insulate and if you’re not careful. Always have on hand hats, sunglasses and sunscreen to protect you. Stay well hydrated and alert for signs of dehydration or heat stroke as headache, dizziness, nausea and tachycardia.

How to carry the bag? Bag golfer is keeping the entire team: team bats, balls, tees, towel, etc. Some experienced golfers shoulder the load for the 18 holes. But it may be too much for you if you play the first time or if you have any physical limitations. You can get a hand cart to pull it or pull it, or use an electric car to avoid walking to each hole.

Slowly go over the 18 holes without realizing it, and wait anxiously to find on the tee with your best friends.

Effective shoes to wear in playing Golf

In practicing golf, there is no requirement in the use of certain footwear; however, there is specific golf shoes contribute to improving a golfer’s game. Know what kind of shoes I should use to play golf and learn why it’s important.

There is no need for or use of proper golf shoes?

In the practice of golf, it is not necessary to have each own golf shoes; however, there is a particular kind of shoe that provides greater stability and balance in the game.

Over the past 15 years, golf shoes have come a long way in terms of comfort and style and is still possible to find golf shoes “old school ” – black shoes and white leather . However, the current golf shoes have various styles and colors and most cannot be distinguished from other sports shoes, such as loafers or even several styles of sandals.

The comfort level of golf shoes is also much larger than it used to be. Currently, there are golf shoes for all tastes and wallets, as there are very expensive and more affordable models. For all beginners, buying a golf shoes is an advantage, in that it helps them improve their techniques and skills game.

Types of golf shoes

A golfer has at its disposal several types of golf shoes and should choose those that offer you greater comfort and stability in a given golf circuit. That way, you can opt for the choice of the following shoes:

Golf shoes with motion control: This type of golf shoes is known to control the movements of the golfers. These are heavier and hard shoes, which feature a flat sole and offer greater stability to all players.

Golf shoes with stability: These golf shoes offer the golfer a greater safety and security when they travel along a golf course. The structure stabilizes the foot when it comes into contact with a surface, whether it is flat or winding and this happens due to its sole semi curve. The sandals offer tremendous stability and, in recent times, have had a growing popularity with the golfer community.

Golf shoes with cushioning: These are shoes that were built specifically to cushion any blow or impact, especially in the heel area. They are ideal for use in rough terrain or in bunkers. The most suitable models are curved, semi curved sole, and they stimulate the movement of the feet.

The importance of the peaks of the sole in golf shoes

The peaks are in the sole of a golf shoe, also known as “spikes ” are essential accessories in the commission of a golf game , since they guarantee the maximum balance and stability of the swing of a golfer in performing your strokes . Please note that the material advances allowed the peaks of the soles of the shoes evolve to a new level. Initially they were made of steel or tugnésio, which ensured greater mobility in heavier fields. Currently, they are made in, known as soft peaks or “soft spikes ” and are more comfortable and effective than steel thermoplastic materials , for distributing the weight of a golfer over a larger area would also reduce the damage to the golf course. The soft peaks tend to wear more quickly and that’s why they need to be changed more often.