Overbook Hotel – What To Do About It

This could be a very alarming situation indeed especially if you are so sure that you have made your reservations ahead of time. Wouldn’t it be terribly frustrating and devastating that after a long and tiring flight you are going to arrive at the hotel where the front desk people will inform you that they are overbooked and they can’t accommodate you? Luckily on our last excursion for southern Utah tours, where we were able to see three national parks in one week; began with an overbooked hotel, but they were able to remedy the situation quickly.

That’s not the end of it. You, of course will be too stunned to digest the first words, but once the reality of it all sunk in, you can expect your adrenaline rushing no matter how tired you are. It would feel like this is the perfect time to pick a fight. But then again, you have to maintain your cool because you want a room with a bed where you can rest. Therefore you will talk nicely and ask the hotel people to explain everything to you. The lame excuses will start to pour in by that time. But you know for a fact that they know that you have made reservations. If you are not very argumentative you might simply opt to transfer to another hotel. But then again you have rights as a client with reservations. Therefore you should stay and argue your case.
Zion Valley
Photo Credit: Dereck Bradley
Here are the best things you can do:

  • Ask for the manager. If they start ignoring your request, you can start raising your voice a little, but do not be too loud; you want to appear in control.
  • Once they get the manager for you, ask the front desk clerk to tell the manager the issue. It is their fault therefore it’s their duty to deal with the problem.
  • If the manager gives you the same excuses, then the best thing you can do is to ask for the available options. They may have some tricks up on their sleeves so you might as well know them.
  • One of the most common options they can give you is to transfer you to another room; of course it will be one with higher rate than the one you originally reserved. That is how tricky hey can be.
  • Do not, for whatever reason fall that one. Tell them that you are willing to transfer to another room if you will not be charged with the extra rate. It will be a big miracle if they agree on that.
  • Another possible option is to transfer you to another hotel. If this is not much of an inconvenience, this could be your best option. But, do not agree immediately, ask them if they are putting you at a hotel of the same status and at a room of the same or higher category; if you will be on higher category room, you have to ensure that the first hotel is going to pay for the extra charges. Never agree on anything other than that.
  • A vehicle must also be available for you to transport you and your belongings to the other hotel. If you have to wait for a room at the other hotel, the first hotel must pay for your lunch or dinner while you are waiting.

In case, the above scenario do not happen and the hotel people insist that they cannot help you, tell them that you are going to report the situation as breach of contract and that you are going to file a complaint at the right authorities.

You have to make them realize that they cannot ignore you and that you have a binding agreement with them and that you have certain rights. The good reminder a few days before you start making your trip is to call the hotel again and reconfirm your reservation. If you have an email confirming your reservation, print that. During the call, list down the name of the person you talked to as well as the time and the date of the call. That way, you have all the necessary proofs that you have certainly made your room reservation.