How Will Egg Donation Affect My Personal Traveling Lifestyle?

While trying to weigh the idea of egg donation or to become an egg donor there always comes into your mind even if you feel a little foolish about thinking it, “how will egg donation affect my personal lifestyle? Specifically my love of traveling lifestyle?” Certainly this is a valid question, as you need to know what it will require of you to successfully donate your egg to a needing mother.

  • Sexual Intercourse: First and foremost is the requirement to ensure protected sexual relations for the length of the cycle during donation (use condoms), and well the month following your donation.

  • Time: From the beginning of the process to completion the donor will have generally 8-12 visits to the doctors office. Keep in mind the majority of these visits will be during the 2 weeks before your egg is retrieved.

  • Fertility medication: Usually the side effects from the medication are minimal but they can include fluid retention, breast tenderness, feeling bloated, moodiness and tenderness of the ovaries.

Having said that you must be aware of some of the medical risks as well that are connected with egg donation. Egg retrieval is performed with very carefully using an ultrasound for direction, however there is a risk that the needle may pierce surrounding tissue or organs, causing bleeding and possible infection. Additionally there is a risk (which is less than 3%) of ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome. Which if that happens your ovaries become enlarged and you may have fluid that collects in the abdominal cavity causing pelvic discomfort, and bloating.

It is no small commitment as there is preparation for the cycle that takes longer that the cycle itself. There first has to be a recipient couple that has been determined is a match, and that may take some time and sometimes never happens. Once there’s been a match made you as the donor can anticipate the screening process after that to take at least 3-6 weeks as they must take care of all of the paper work. The actual cycle of the donation will take around 2 -3 weeks from the beginning of your menstrual cycle repression to the day of egg retrieval.

So once you’ve been chosen there are some things that you must be prepared to do to ensure that the recipient has the highest chance of conceiving. Altogether these for many are not major things that require a complete takeover of your life, and the benefit of knowing that the sacrifices you’re making are allowing a living breathing human being to be born into a family that wants nothing more than to love and care for that child for the rest of its life.

I hope that you realize how grateful those people are for you, in this life is seems so often that there is only greed and selfishness, enough to fill the whole world. But for those who have been through the egg donation process, particularly those who have been the recipients there is a profound sense of gratitude for those who are willing to lend a hand. To prove once and for all that the world they’re bringing this child into has hope for them, and for everyone.