Tips for Camping in Bryce Canyon

Try to look for a spot in a mountain where you can spend the night peacefully in a place like Bryce Canyon National Park? Here are some tips to helping find the best spot and how to put up your tents in cold weather. Make sure that there are no sharp objects, ants, bees, or other harmful things in the surroundings. If you’re ever going to Bryce and want to go camping, might I suggest combining that with a stay in a lodge in Bryce? By combining some excellent lodging with a camping trip is the best combo.

Stitched shot of Bryce Canyon from Sunrise Point

Pay attention to your surroundings and always have a sense of direction. Use a compass to help you. Also, knowing your directions may also guide you in knowing and predicting the air direction. This is important in knowing where you will face in setting-up your tent.

  • If you want to sleep peacefully and quietly, stay away from the common restroom, the campfire, or any place where other campers would often pass.
  • Try to avoid camping in the low area of the mountain. This is the part of the mountain that will be flooded first if ever it will rain.
  • If you want to camp near the sea, remember that while it is in an open air, temperature can quickly change instantly.
  • Avoid camping near the river, water can quickly rise in this area during rain.

Tips for Camping with Children

  • If you will be camping with kids, make sure that there is an area big enough for them to play their sports or swim, or do any activity during their free time.
  • Walk the children along the whole campsite so that they may be familiar with their surroundings. You may also show them the areas where they are prohibited.
  • Be vigilant in guarding the children, make sure that none of them will wander off. Make a head count from time to time.
  • Check if any of the children has a particular allergy. You might want to know that before deciding what foods to bring.
  • Allow the kids to set-up their own tent. You may only guide them.

Tips for Setting-up Camp in Cold Weather

It is always a challenge to find a good place to set-up camp during winter time especially when the snow are already deep. However, it is not impossible despite this kind of harsh weather condition. For example, you can find a campsite where the wind can easily blow the powder snow or even if the snow is already deep but still manageable, then you can push the snow with your shoes or other equipment.

Construction and setting up of tent
Setting-up of tents with traditional pegs on a snowy or frozen land will not be possible. What you need is an alternative. You may use special pegs that are made especially for snowy terrains. These pegs are longer and more durable. You may also use a trekking pole tent as your shelter. In order to avoid drifts of snow from getting inside your tent, make sure that you have set-up your tent facing the direction of the wind and not against it.

Signs of a dangerous avalanche
If camping on a mountainous place, you should be careful in selecting a campsite. You should be wary of a possible avalanche and its path. Therefore, you should only set-up camp on areas that are protected against avalanches. It is important that you avoid setting up camp on cavities and valleys because as temperature increases in other places, the snow melts and usually cause avalanches and ends up in these places. It will also be good to ask any local or experts in the area about the chances of any avalanche happening while you are camping.

Photo Credit: Frank Kovalchek

Family Travel on a Budget

The current economic situation makes most families look very closely their consumption habits, many are thinking about how they can save money while not having to give a holiday with the whole family. There are a lot of things you can do to plan a less expensive holiday for you and your family it just takes some time to fish out the best affordable vacation ideas. It will take some additional planning but if you’re committed to making it work so that your kids will have something to look back on a smile then you can make it work.

Actually, there are different ways to get cheaper holidays are enjoyable and useful for their children. First, can teach them that money can give them moments of fun but not happiness. It will serve to light that they can have fun on your vacation doing something special with the family without involving spend huge amount of money. Children also will be prepared to handle difficult situations in life.

Beautiful Beach @ Sonta Monica, LAPhoto Credit: Tekkon C

Another idea that can be used for a nice vacation is to visit attractive places to have nearby. If you live near the beach, you can just go there for a day. It could also bring lunch from home, or a grill. The kids will love playing on the beach with his parents or taking a leisurely swim.

Another example of cheap holidays for the whole family, is to go to a national park. Almost all provinces have a national park. These are wonderful places for hiking, go fishing or even camping overnight. Children can play outdoors. Again, you can bring your own food and utensils to save money on eating out.

The third idea to spend an affordable vacation is to plan a fun day in the town or city in which they live. Many times we go through the sights of our city, ignoring them. You can go sightseeing to see their city from the perspective of a visitor, and not like a local. You and your family may discover a fresh new landscape of the city where housing. Best of all, you do not have to worry about staying in a hotel, because you only have to go home when you have finished your town or city tour.

Tent Tips for Camping and Traveling

We love traveling as much as the next person. Seeing things we’ve never seen before, being places we’ve never been before, and tasting food we’ve never tasted before; yes traveling is exciting and thrilling. But what of traveling to camp? Crazy are we? Recently we utilized one of several hotel group packages where we were able to do some camping. What a joy it was to sleep out in the wild. Yes traveling is wonderful, but camping and traveling is as well. If you’re one that likes to do this then please continue reading as I’ve got some tent tips:

Flooring of a Tent:

One important thing that you must consider in choosing a tent is its flooring. It is important that the floor on where you will directly rest is warm and dry. That should be your basis in finding a good tent. Make sure also that the floor of the tent is not less than 4 feet in length and in width. The floor must also be made of a material that is good in preventing water and coldness get inside the tent.


You don’t have to buy a new one and throw your old one if ever the latter does not have a good floor. That will be too costly. What you can do is just sew an additional layer on the floor of your tent. You may use the same kind of material on the flooring or you may use something thicker. You must make sure that your additional layer is well sewn and that there are no loose threads or excess mat.

Another alternative that you can do is to simply add cardboard on the floor before the sleeping bag. You just have to make sure that the floor below the cardboard is waterproof. The good thing about cardboard is that they are easy to put and to remove. Also you can easily buy cardboard in nearby stores.

Camping and tents for utah group packagesPhoto Credit: N1NJ4

How to patch up holes in the floor of a tent:

If this should happen, that the floor has a tear or a hole in it, you must repair this as soon as possible as the moisture and fog on the ground may seep in your tent. What you must first do is to cut a patch from a tarpaulin or an old tent and simply patch in on the hole by a weather-resistant adhesive. This kind of adhesive can be bought on most hardware stores.

How Will Egg Donation Affect My Personal Traveling Lifestyle?

While trying to weigh the idea of egg donation or to become an egg donor there always comes into your mind even if you feel a little foolish about thinking it, “how will egg donation affect my personal lifestyle? Specifically my love of traveling lifestyle?” Certainly this is a valid question, as you need to know what it will require of you to successfully donate your egg to a needing mother.

  • Sexual Intercourse: First and foremost is the requirement to ensure protected sexual relations for the length of the cycle during donation (use condoms), and well the month following your donation.

  • Time: From the beginning of the process to completion the donor will have generally 8-12 visits to the doctors office. Keep in mind the majority of these visits will be during the 2 weeks before your egg is retrieved.

  • Fertility medication: Usually the side effects from the medication are minimal but they can include fluid retention, breast tenderness, feeling bloated, moodiness and tenderness of the ovaries.

Having said that you must be aware of some of the medical risks as well that are connected with egg donation. Egg retrieval is performed with very carefully using an ultrasound for direction, however there is a risk that the needle may pierce surrounding tissue or organs, causing bleeding and possible infection. Additionally there is a risk (which is less than 3%) of ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome. Which if that happens your ovaries become enlarged and you may have fluid that collects in the abdominal cavity causing pelvic discomfort, and bloating.

It is no small commitment as there is preparation for the cycle that takes longer that the cycle itself. There first has to be a recipient couple that has been determined is a match, and that may take some time and sometimes never happens. Once there’s been a match made you as the donor can anticipate the screening process after that to take at least 3-6 weeks as they must take care of all of the paper work. The actual cycle of the donation will take around 2 -3 weeks from the beginning of your menstrual cycle repression to the day of egg retrieval.

So once you’ve been chosen there are some things that you must be prepared to do to ensure that the recipient has the highest chance of conceiving. Altogether these for many are not major things that require a complete takeover of your life, and the benefit of knowing that the sacrifices you’re making are allowing a living breathing human being to be born into a family that wants nothing more than to love and care for that child for the rest of its life.

I hope that you realize how grateful those people are for you, in this life is seems so often that there is only greed and selfishness, enough to fill the whole world. But for those who have been through the egg donation process, particularly those who have been the recipients there is a profound sense of gratitude for those who are willing to lend a hand. To prove once and for all that the world they’re bringing this child into has hope for them, and for everyone.