Cooking Foods for Camping While on a ATV Ride

The Grub in Dent, CumbriaPhoto Credit:Eamon Curry

Our ancestors have cooked their food by placing their foods directly above their campfire. This primitive way of cooking food is great not only because of its simplicity but also because it allows members of the community to gather around and share their ideas and aspirations. A small piece of meat, sausages, vegetables, can be directly placed above the campfire. Or you can have a potato wrapped in an aluminum foil and have it placed above the fire. It is a bit complicated in cooking pigs and other animals since you cannot hold it for a long time and you will have to keep rotating it above the fire.

A few weeks ago we spent some time on an Zion ATV tour, where we were able to see so many things that are simply amazing. We got to camp out under the stars and just enjoy life. It’s this kind of traveling, out in the sticks that adds flavor and spice to your life. So if it’s this kind of traveling you’re after, then stick with me as we talk about the best ways to cook your food while camping.

In cooking your food during camping

You may use either wooden or metal skewers for cooking. However, for wooden skewers, you should soak it first in water before you put meats or vegetables in it. If not, they may get burned quickly. Metal skewers are great in conducting heat. Therefore, you should wear gloves or mitts in handling metal skewers. Cooking with skewers may be done by holding the skewers or by sticking them to the soil at a certain angle.

Cooking Sausages, bread, and marshmallows

Not all foods are appropriate for cooking in campfires. Foods that may take a long time to cook should be avoided. Foods with shorter time to be cooked are much preferred. Sausages and hot dogs are excellent campfire foods because they do not take so much time to be cooked. There is also what is called bread sticks that has a flavoring in it along with herbs. Another popular campfire food, especially with children, are marshmallows; as it starts to be heated, it forms a small layer of caramel outside and the inside starts to become softer.

Pros: You do not need to bring your cooking or grilling set. Also you won’t need to bring a gasoline. As you wait for your foods to be cooked, you can comfortably gather around the fire to talk to each other and to get some heat from the fire.

Cons: To cook by campfire, you will first have to find an open space where you can set-up a campfire. You must constantly rotate your food in order for it to be cooked evenly. Also the risk in having your food getting burned is higher in this method since you cannot always control the fire. If there will be children cooking with you, then you must be observant with them and stop them from playing or getting too close to the fire.