Best Price and Tips for December Trip

Despite missing just a couple of weeks to begin December many people ask me how they can do every day to find cheap flights for travel on Christmas and New Year and unfortunately, the answer is simple: you can’t.

When everyone wants to travel prices rise, since it is known that more demand higher prices, and airlines take the opportunity to make money in December, since then demand falls for travelers flying less, and prices have to be lowered to fill the seats of airplanes.

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Moreover, at present, the supply of airline seats throwing is more limited in order to save money by using smaller and more efficient aircraft, while realizing that the occupation of the seats is as high as possible to maximize economic performance of the operation.

This high occupancy persists even in times of low demand months such as this November, and I was able to check a few days ago when I was traveling on an intercontinental flight probably had an occupancy rate of 90 percent of its seats.

Travel and Holidays

Tourism in December: how to get the best price.

Thus , in periods of low and high demand are few seats , and users expect to last minute to book your flight are often very expensive prices , so do not currently have an account with booking few days or weeks in advance.

Therefore, if you plan to travel in December , either during the first days of the month, in the long weekend from 6 to 8, or during the Christmas holidays and New Year, one thing is certain: you have to book your flight and unless you do not mind paying more money to get to your destination.

If you travel on these dates reviews, your flight will be expensive , but if booked in doubt hoping to get a better price later , just get almost always pay for your airline ticket an even higher price.
Travelling in December? Reserve now!

If you have already booked your flight to fly in the most sought December dates, you’ve made the right decision and, most likely, you’ve managed to save money whose amount depends on the ticket price.

Like procrastinating and have not yet booked your flight? Do you think you can get a better price by delaying the purchase? Forget it! Yes, you could still be time to get an acceptable price, so act now and book your flight immediately.

If you are someone you’re traveling in December, but not in the critical dates that I mentioned to you, and have not yet booked your flight, things you look better and although you must act quickly, you may be able to fly to prices much more affordable.

After the bridge in early December and before Christmas Eve, the prices are cheaper as demand is lower at that time, so now is the time to book and take advantage of these lower prices to travel to your destination.
Other tips for cheaper travel in December

1. If you can, select dates for both the outward and return, you do not travel around the world or choose less defendant’s times: maybe you’ll be a little less comfortable, but you will save money.
You can still be time to get a cheaper price for your flight in December, so act now and book it immediately.

2. If you can travel on dates where the others are still preparing your trip or when they come back from this and are resting your vacation, you can achieve the savings will be more bulky.

3. Book as soon as possible, does not miss the time: so you avoid the unpleasant surprise of seeing your flight will be more expensive and subtraction economic resources could be applied in other activities of your trip.

4. You can also save money if you fly in the days when most are enjoying your holidays and do not like to travel, such as Christmas Day or New Year.

5. Do not forget to travel with lots of luggage expensive your flight, sometimes considerably, so if you visit your family or friends , you may not need more than hand luggage and that allows you to bill the company at no charge, if is the case.

Just do not forget those dates include some gifts to give to your family and friends; you can buy with the money saved by avoiding carrying large luggage and having managed to buy a cheap flight.

Sure to change them will leave you to use your shampoo and other tools for everyday use. If not, do not tell them you threw in your luggage for your gifts that would fit: not fail!

Tips to Have a Better Sleep on a plane

Although sound tempting, the sleeping pills are never the best option, especially if you are not used to taking them. Getting rest a day trip plane is great, but it is also necessary to be able to alert if appropriate. Some medicines can make you too sleepy and prevent it from acting if necessary.
Comfortable clothes

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During a plane ride our body tends to suffer some swelling, so never use tight-fitting clothes. On a long plane ride this will be your worst enemy, as it will be tight and feel will always be uncomfortable, so cannot rest.

There are companies that offer pajamas when the flight takes off! Large and comfortable clothing makes you feel more relaxed and encourage sleep.

The feet also tend to swell, so if you are planning to take your shoes off during the flight, be careful; because you can then you can no longer put on shoes. Opt for comfortable shoes and avoid high heels.

Thick and warm socks also help you relax!
Eye mask and earplugs


Depending on the class and the company that flies, these items may be offered, but if you are traveling in economy, it is best to take them with you! An eye mask will prevent from any light and earplugs will reduce noises.

Choose places with less noise and more comfortable.

If it is really sensitive to noise, choose seats above the wings. So, you will hear less engine noise and get a more restful trip.

If when sleeping like laid your head, try to choose a seat near the window and use a pad, thus not felt the cold walls of the plane and be more comfortable.

Avoid locations near the bathrooms and places of preparing meals, because in these areas there are always more people to spend.
Attention to food

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Before traveling avoid eating heavy foods, it will be easier to get to sleep if your stomach is not actively working. Opt for light meals like sandwiches and let the gastronomic adventures to your destination!
Avoid interruptions

If you do not want to be bothered by the air hostesses should facilitate their life! If you are using blankets or rugs , make sure that the belt is on top of these, so the host can verify that you have the belt put and will not wake up. Always let retracted and make sure your luggage is well packaged. – About

If you still have trouble sleeping, do not try to force. Take a book with you so you can read a few pages. Thus, your brain will relax and be much simpler end up falling asleep.