What to Do if You Get Sick While Traveling

Getting while you are traveling is not a good thing to happen to anyone. Traveling alone can be stressful enough therefore an added pressure of being sick also adds to the stress.
There are many reasons actually why people get sick while traveling. Usually, if a person is not feeling well before departure the best thing to do is to take the right preventive medications. That way whatever it is that’s going to happen can be easily thwarted. Recently we completed a grand circle tour that easily could have thwarted our travel plans, but we followed these tips and we able to have a great time.

Capital Reef National Park

Photo Credit: Bruce Tuten

While on vacation, there is also a chance that you get sick, therefore it is better if you can take your regular medications with you. Being on a foreign land usually means getting in contact with germs and viruses that are alien to your body and immune system. Aside from the environment, there is also a big chance that you can get sick from drinking water or consuming food in your destination.

Now, that the common reasons for getting sick traveling have been discussed. It is now time to discuss the best preventive measures.

  • Prior to your schedule, contact your insurance company; make sure that you are covered while traveling. If that is not the case, then you may opt for a short-term medical insurance plan that will cover you while abroad. You need to understand that your regular health insurance may not be useful when being hospitalized in another country. It is therefore essential to clear all these issues with your insurance agency.
  • Always have your health card handy and list down the numbers of your doctor, your closest relative and your insurance company.
  • Your cell phone’s ICE or In Case of Emergency feature must contain all your important contact information.
  • If you have pre-existing condition, consult your doctor and get new prescriptions on your maintenance medications and bring them with you. Your medications may not be available in the country you are going to, so it is best if you are prepared.
  • Do not trust the water from your destination. Always buy bottled water for drinking.
  • Do not be too tempted by exotic looking foods, your foreign stomach may not be flexible for local delicacies. So, if your gut is not that strong, better stay within your regular diet.
  • Always wash your hand whenever you have the chance and anywhere you may be. If there is no clean water available, use a hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid eating street vendors no matter how tempting and delicious they may look.
  • Always check a restaurant’s rest room before you order. If it is clean has towels and hand soaps, then you can conclude that the management observes cleanliness, which means that you can also trust their food preparation.
  • Avoid junk foods too. It may be okay to have them when you are home, but when you are at a foreign place it could be better to eat healthy.

All in all, getting sick while traveling can be avoidable if you take the necessary precautions. But in case you do get sick, just be smart enough not to panic and try to remember all the tips mentioned above.

Overbook Hotel – What To Do About It

This could be a very alarming situation indeed especially if you are so sure that you have made your reservations ahead of time. Wouldn’t it be terribly frustrating and devastating that after a long and tiring flight you are going to arrive at the hotel where the front desk people will inform you that they are overbooked and they can’t accommodate you? Luckily on our last excursion for southern Utah tours, where we were able to see three national parks in one week; began with an overbooked hotel, but they were able to remedy the situation quickly.

That’s not the end of it. You, of course will be too stunned to digest the first words, but once the reality of it all sunk in, you can expect your adrenaline rushing no matter how tired you are. It would feel like this is the perfect time to pick a fight. But then again, you have to maintain your cool because you want a room with a bed where you can rest. Therefore you will talk nicely and ask the hotel people to explain everything to you. The lame excuses will start to pour in by that time. But you know for a fact that they know that you have made reservations. If you are not very argumentative you might simply opt to transfer to another hotel. But then again you have rights as a client with reservations. Therefore you should stay and argue your case.
Zion Valley
Photo Credit: Dereck Bradley
Here are the best things you can do:

  • Ask for the manager. If they start ignoring your request, you can start raising your voice a little, but do not be too loud; you want to appear in control.
  • Once they get the manager for you, ask the front desk clerk to tell the manager the issue. It is their fault therefore it’s their duty to deal with the problem.
  • If the manager gives you the same excuses, then the best thing you can do is to ask for the available options. They may have some tricks up on their sleeves so you might as well know them.
  • One of the most common options they can give you is to transfer you to another room; of course it will be one with higher rate than the one you originally reserved. That is how tricky hey can be.
  • Do not, for whatever reason fall that one. Tell them that you are willing to transfer to another room if you will not be charged with the extra rate. It will be a big miracle if they agree on that.
  • Another possible option is to transfer you to another hotel. If this is not much of an inconvenience, this could be your best option. But, do not agree immediately, ask them if they are putting you at a hotel of the same status and at a room of the same or higher category; if you will be on higher category room, you have to ensure that the first hotel is going to pay for the extra charges. Never agree on anything other than that.
  • A vehicle must also be available for you to transport you and your belongings to the other hotel. If you have to wait for a room at the other hotel, the first hotel must pay for your lunch or dinner while you are waiting.

In case, the above scenario do not happen and the hotel people insist that they cannot help you, tell them that you are going to report the situation as breach of contract and that you are going to file a complaint at the right authorities.

You have to make them realize that they cannot ignore you and that you have a binding agreement with them and that you have certain rights. The good reminder a few days before you start making your trip is to call the hotel again and reconfirm your reservation. If you have an email confirming your reservation, print that. During the call, list down the name of the person you talked to as well as the time and the date of the call. That way, you have all the necessary proofs that you have certainly made your room reservation.

Preventing Common Travel Crimes

The next time you on vacation to any island, whether it’s Aruba or Hawaii or anywhere else, you might be tempted to let your guard down, have a good time, maybe even drink a little too much. Okay I understand that but when it comes to your own personal travel safety or more importantly travel crimes; if you don’t practice some basic common sense you could easily become a travel victim.

First let’s start with your essentials; your wallet, passport and credit cards. Always carry with you photocopies of all your credit cards and the photo page of your passport. When you’re at your hotel don’t use the safe in your room. Why? Two reasons; many hotels charge you to use one and to add insult to injury; hotels are not liable for anything lost in those safes.

Instead; park your valuables downstairs at the hotel safety deposit boxes. When leaving the hotel just take one credit card and photocopies of your ID, why? Who’s going to watch your stuff when you decide to go for a swim? You know what can happen next, it disappears.

In the end it’s about achieving a delicate between having a great time and playing old common sense. If you that you’re not only protecting yourself, you get to your home and brag all your friends about what a really great time you had and you get to come back.

Prevent Lost Bags with Luggage Shipping

Okay, surprise, surprise, your bags actually made it to the hotel with you but as you know that’s not always the case. In fact the number of lost bag complaints are up to 30% over last year and there’s a good reason; there’s just two types of airline bags; carry-on and lost. But thankfully there’s a solution; in fact about 17 solutions; it’s called Luggage Carrier Service. Companies that will take your baggage and deliver it door to door. On domestic itineraries you can save considerable time and stress every time you travel by simply not checking bags.The services range from UPS to Federal Express and 15 other companies including one called Luggage Concierge. The process is simple; your drop your bag into a pouch … with FedEx there’s no pouch you just attach a wrapper, it’s a labeled and off it goes, you then bypass the inevitable lines at the airport and go right to the gate.

And here comes the good part; when you land you’re not waiting at airport baggage lines hoping it gets towed that your luggage is in the same flight that you were, you’re already off and running and your bags are waiting for you. Now what does it costs? It all gets down at the bottom line. Some services charge as low as $40 to ship your bags, now if that sounds expensive do the math. Do you know how much time we spend just getting your bags from one place to another if you check them? About 2 ½ hours, divide that into 40 bucks and you can’t wait to spend that money. Think about how much stress you’re not going to have.